Commercial & Industrial Building Ventilation Systems in London

The health and wellbeing of your employees should be the number one priority to any business owner or manager. Making sure your team is breathing the highest quality air will help no end in enhancing worker productivity and the long term health of the workers exposed to the various toxins which can be ever present in the air we breathe.

We install commercial ventilation systems in small and large scale commercial and industrial buildings to efficiently remove fumes and odours. Highly qualified in being able to deliver these services, we stop at nothing to ensure each system in stringently installed so it can add value to the operations within the workplace.

The machinery and equipment in a factory can let of no end of heat during the production process. We bear this in mind only too well and will make sure that the system we install is able to work at the capacity required for the industrial environment in question. As part of delivering this service, we will undertake a full site survey and assessment to in turn ensure your space is able to operate to full capacity whilst generating cleaner air.

In detail, we are able to undertake all of the following services:

  • Heat Recovery System installations.
  • Fresh air supply system installations.
  • Kitchen extraction and some extraction system installations.
  • Bathroom extraction system installations.
  • Fire rated duct work supply and installations, system balancing and commissioning.
  • AHU equipment installations.
  • Cooling and Heating Battery installations.

Across any Building Ventilation System requirement, we value health and safety no end. We work very hard to ensure your system is installed with the health and safety of every working in the commercial / industrial space being 100% catered for in the process of this

Overall, given the nature of these systems and the typical requirements for these systems to be installed, we will stop at nothing to ensure your requirements are 100% take care of. From a technical and budgetary point of view, we work to ensure you get the installation your require and one which will meet your budget in mind.