Building Thermography in London

    What lies beneath the walls of a residential or commercial property is often a mystery, however this can greatly impact the energy efficiency of your building. The thermal structure of your building could be lacking, not meeting the necessary energy efficiency standards, and without an assessment you may never otherwise know this.

    Building thermography assesses the consistency and efficiency of the building envelope. Using infrared camera technology, this relays a clear assessment of what is taking place inside the walls of a building. This helps building owners evaluate the property’s performance as well as the continuity of thermal insulation across the entire building envelope.

    Benefits of Building Thermography Surveying

    A full survey assists commercial and domestic property owners in:

    • Locating areas of missing insulation and excessive energy loss
    • Verify the quality of insulation following the completion of a new build or renovation
    • Identify points of cold air infiltration and degraded insulation
    • Identify moisture ingress and mold growth which could contribute to Sick Building Syndrome
    • Examine the efficiency of heating and cooling systems
    • Identify hidden heating routes, as well as blocked radiators and piping
    • Identify leaking or passing radiator valves
    • Locate damage and missing inert gases in double glazing
    • Determine the extent of water damage to the structure
    • Confirm seals around windows and doors
    • Pinpoint hot-spot electrical issues at fuse boxes and energy cabling chased into walls
    • Visualize energy loss during domestic and commercial energy auditing
    • Identify and record differences between construction and design for quality control prior to warranty expiration

    We offer qualitative and quantitative inspections to enable the identification of deficiencies in the building envelope. This make’s it easy to identify where’s best to invest your money. This could be your most valuable investment when improving energy efficiency. We strive to conduct building thermography inspections with the least interference possible.