Building Automation Controls in London

Building automation controls enable domestic and commercial building owners with complete control of their heating and air conditioning systems. This improves control, convenience and lowers energy usage to enhance the overall energy efficiency.

Precision Comfort Control and Convenience

This offers a convenient platform to control the indoor climate throughout a home or business. You can set specific temperature schedules to serve each area, to accommodate for differing needs, preferences and other factors.

All systems can be accessed from one point. You can also connect with your smartphone or tablet to adjust system settings remotely and monitor energy use. The systems can go beyond heating, cooling, and ventilation to include other essential systems such as lighting and security.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

With building automation controls in place, your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation systems are operating in synergy. The system’s sensors automatically detect indoor and outdoor temperatures and fluctuations, in turn adjusting your system settings to generate the ideal indoor climate without waste.

These systems provide users with the power to limit heating and cooling waste in unneeded areas. Such connectivity allows you to access settings remotely via smartphone or tablet, making adjustments while you are away from your property.

Our team of building automation experts are available to assist domestic and commercial property owners by developing and installing customized control systems. Let us evaluate your needs and create solutions which are able tp deliver ideal indoor climate and energy savings.

We utilise the latest technology to build controls that incorporate all the vital systems for your home or business. Our goal is to transform your space, adding convenience and comfort while helping you maximize overall energy efficiency.